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Ultraviolet disinfection device
UV disinfection principle
    Beijing Xinyuan Environmental Production Equipment  Co., Ltd. (Xinyuan supply water) produces a collection of ultraviolet disinfection optics, biology, chemistry, electronics, fluid dynamics and other comprehensive science as a whole. High efficiency, high strength and long life UV-C ultraviolet light generating device produces strong ultraviolet UV-C light irradiation water continued intermittently. Bacteria, viruses, etc. are subject to specific dose of ultraviolet UV-C light (wavelength 253.7nm) after irradiation, the cell DNA and structural damage, the cells can not be regenerated, so as to achieve water disinfection and purification.
Product Introduction
1, assembled at the scene connected piping, do not turn on the power to the device through the water.
2, through the water, turn on the power switch, when the indicator light, the display device is working properly.
3, turn off the machine and observe the principles of the water before electricity.
4, when the indicator is flashing or not lit, check the equipment for maintenance, processing can not contact us promptly.
5, within six months of work, you should test the sterilization indicators. Reach indicators timely replacement UV lamp.
The main issues
1, the product power supply voltage is 220V 50Hz, such as voltage fluctuation is too large, you should install the regulator device, otherwise it will shorten the life of the UV lamp.
2, in the course of work shall not exceed 6kg pressure, in order to avoid leakage.
3, you should always check out the water pipe leaks, prevent water from entering the cabinet caused by a short circuit.
4, when two consecutive ignition ultraviolet light, separated by at least 1O minutes, until cool down, and lit the lamp.
5, UV lamp and quartz sleeve should be cleaned regularly to prevent contaminants affect the transmittance of ultraviolet light.
6, to prevent debris, large particles enter the device, otherwise it will result in a quartz tube rupture influence purifiers.
7, one end of the device should be set aside 1 m distance (both left and right) for future replacement of the UV lamp.
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