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Tankn negativepressuredevice
Detailed Description
XYG tank negative pressure water equipment is my company (Beijing Xinyuan-Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.) developed water supply equipment, the use of advanced microprocessor control technology, automatic frequency control technology and the steady flow to prevent negative automatic steady flow water lapped style system technology constituted widely used high-rise building secondary water pollution.
Product advantages:
1, the pipe network overlying water supply, efficient use of municipal pipe network pressure.
2, with anti-vacuum module, anti-theft devices Liu.
3, device frequency operation, mutual backup, time switch.
4, the water supply pipe network constant pressure throughout the system energy efficient.
5, health and environmental protection, no secondary pollution of water.
Working principle
  Vacuum pipe pressurized water supply equipment. The equipment consists of the steady flow compensation, no negative pressure boosting device, pressure control, flow monitoring device, pressure pump, intelligent control systems, negative pressure control system, stainless steel sets of piping systems, instrumentation and control user and other components components.
   When the system detects a pipe network pressure and flow parameters can not meet user requirements, the system directly through solid municipal water supply pipe network to the user; when the system detects when the pipe network pressure and flow parameters below the user requirements, and does not violate the pipe network water supply regulations The system overlying water to users via smart; when commissioning, according to local municipal pipe network requires setting a lower limit. When the inlet pressure is close to the set pressure limit, the letter from the tank negative pressure water equipment first started running speed, and then down to the set value, to ensure network security. If the pipeline pressure fluctuation back above the lower limit of the delay, the device began normal inverter operation.
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