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Enameled Pressed Steel water tanksteel water tank
Detailed Description
Enamel steel water tank adopts advanced technology, high temperature enamel, so the tank plate surface formed a strong glaze layer to ensure clean water, and the adhesion strength of the enamel surface. The surface is smooth and easy to clean and resistant to corrosion, steel assembly structure distortion, high shock resistance, impact force, through a long period of use, works well and praised by users.
 Sectional enamel steel water tank is assembled by enamel steel panels and below with U-steel base , inner with reinforcement ,  between the panels with EPDM sealing material, strengthen with bolts. Its water storage volume from 1 m3 to 2000 m3, height up to 6 m. Production and combination can be made as clients sizes . Water quality is inspected by the Beijing epidemic prevention station ,meet the  national "drinking water health standards" (GB5479-85) requirements
In the manufacturing process, using molding production methods, increasing the strength of the enamel tank panels, improved compressive strength and service life of the tank.
Exterior design, the central section of the exhibit concave curvature, improve the bearing capacity of the tank, while a recessed edge around the edge of the plate, do not angle connector assembly, having flexibility and agility.

Enamel steel tanks mainly used for water tanks, fire water tank, water tank, air conditioning softened water tank, heating system expansion tank, construction, road construction and other temporary storage tank.
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